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PEEK plastic parts for aircraft

aviation and aircraft parts

OEM/ODM aviation and aircraft parts

Aviation pipeline coating developed and produced by the company

Used for  three major system pipes: deicing, balancing and air conditioning

PEEK cables and pipe clamp replace with aluminum clamp

Aircraft interior waste water pipe clamp and high support

Aircraft interior waste water pipeline, vacuum tube

Aircraft internal fuel line clamp

Aircraft thrust recovery nozzle

High voltage line's protection pipes and joints for aircraft fuel system  (The project has been obtained the airworthiness certification)

Aircraft engine fan inlet

PEEK electrical upright to replace traditional materials

Replace the Aluminim bracket with the PEEK bracket

Composite Materials Fasteners

Interior parts

Major supplier of light and medium commercial aircraft, turboprop aircraft, and single-engine piston aircraft.Its product line ranges from small two-seater single-engine aircraft to commercial jets

With advantages of simple operation, safe and economical flight, the developed carbon fiber composite material let the airframe stronger, lighter, requires little maintenance and has strong corrosion resistance.The aeroplane's aerodynamic performance is also excellent.

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helicopter and wide-bodied commercial aircraft plastic parts

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